Tyler Tyler
What’s your favorite sports car?

David David
Today, it’s SRT Viper. Yesterday…

Billy Billy
Yesterday, you wanted a Charger.

Derek Derek
Really? HA. So, we’re on a website about the Probe.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
What’s a probe?

Megan Megan
And don’t answer with something inappropriate.

Tyler Tyler
Who, me? I rarely do a double-entendre, but occasionally I like to slip one in.




BCPOC stands for ‘British Columbia Probe Owners Club’. The history of this website showcased owner’s pride by adding it’s event pictures around the province with beautiful scenery and view. It also included a “ride of the month” feature, which was pretty cool. But anyways, it is about time to make this website a little bit more interesting, by vanishing those funny looking probe cars, into something more bigger and better – that everyone will love. So stay tuned and check back every now and then!



In the meantime…

If you, or someone you know, drives a small car – like a probe or a smart car for example – everybody knows that you have to be a certain weight in order to fit comfortably in those tiny seats.